How to select the best digital piano

The passion for music, no matter what instrument you play or like, in most cases leads to an addiction, but in a good way. One instrument which can express a lot of different feeling, from the utmost joy to the deepest sorrow is the piano. In contemporary times the grand pianos which are very large and expensive have been replaced in homes by the digital pianos, which can sound the same as their bigger brothers and also take up less room.

Famous brands like Casio, Yamaha or Baldwin have many different models with a lot of features and can be found in the best digital piano reviews. This is a good thing and also confusing at the same time, because while presenting you with a lot of options it makes the actual choice very difficult. This brings us to a very important dilema: how to select the best digital piano. If you follow the next pieces of advice than getting the right digital piano for yourself will not proove such an impossible task. The first thing you should do is to check out the sound it produces and see if it close or 100% similar to the one produced by an authentic grand piano. The next step you should take is to try its keyboard so it has the feel of the real thing. This means the keybord will be weighted accordingly, with the keys in the bass area being heavier and as you move closer to the treble part you feel them getting ligher to your push. If the weight is just right, after a long playing session you wont feel any fatigue to your fingers and wrist. The novices that want to learn playing this wonderful instrument should watch for the last feature most of all.

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If you are not a beginner and you will have to play in front of a crowd than I suggest looking for a digital piano that has a built-in amplifier, so the sound is smooth, loud and clear. Finally look for the different outputs that it has: USB, MIDI, SmartCard od even floppy in some cases, so you can update different features all the time and also record personal creations if that is the case.

Following these easy steps will help you make the correct choice in the end and  have a viable answer to how to select the best digital piano. Also we must make a recommendation in the end and based on our research a wonderful option would be the Casio Celviano AP420, because it has the right features for beginners and for expericed musicians as well. A top design, authentic piano sound and not only, excellent 88 key keybord with perfectly weighted keys and a decent price make this a top digial piano any day.

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