This is a blog about piano reviews. In this blog we will help our readers understand which piano will suit them best. I believe that there is nothing better than helping someone in decisions they have to make. From beginners to professionals we are your go to website for anything piano related.

I have always been fascinated with the mechanical and musical. Becoming a piano technician has allowed me to combine these two passions into a fulfilling career. I feel truly lucky to be able to do something I love everyday.

I received my training in the United States, at one of the most recognized schools for piano technology in the country. Presently, I am a freelance tuner and technician.

Sound and music have been a part of my entire life. I took many years of piano lessons as a child, as well as playing the trumpet and guitar. I once worked in the technical department at a large speaker manufacturer, as well as engineering many recordings in the western United States.

I also played in a couple of rock bands during my college days, one in surround sound. I still consider myself a musician first, which is important because it can be easy to forget the musicality of the piano if you get bogged down in the technical details. I never forget that the piano is a musical instrument first and foremost, and all the work I do should serve musical goals.

As a result of working on pianos more and more, I’ve become weaned off rock music. These days I’m composing and performing pieces based on harmonic overtone interaction in minimal drone settings, which many people may not find musical at all. However, I do and it is closely related to and influenced by the sounds I hear while tuning.

Although I can’t see myself leaving The Big Applie, I like the idea that I have a transportable skill. Having lived in 4 different countries and all over the United States, not being bound to one place is an appealing notion. I suppose as a result of moving around so much as a child, I highly value the relationships that I build and that is one of the reasons I am taking on private work in addition to my contract work. I thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to meeting you.

Although I will always have a soft spot for the traditional piano, I have come to embrace the digital piano as well.